Scouting campground St. Walrick has a super nice camp team. As always with Scouting, these are all volunteers. The camp staff stays in the Hut and can therefore usually be found there.groepsfoto 2018

What do we do as camp staff: who are we?
• We receive all campers and other visitors
• We can support you with the transport of (heavy) material
• We can give you the best tourist information about the area, but also tell you about practical matters, such as the supermarket
• We take care of the incoming and outgoing mail
• We manage the ScoutShop
• We borrow game material
• Have you lost something, or have you found something, with us you are at the right address
• We keep track of who is camping on the terrain, which is handy when you get a visit
• Occasionally we want the time to eat and sleep
• Furthermore, we are there for you, so you have a question, do you want to discuss something then come along

If you come in a busy summer week, then there is a mugs meeting on Saturday night. Here, everyone is present at all groups and we make the last appointments, of course you can also plan a communal campfire. The camp staff is present on the premises 24 hours a day and always available in emergencies.